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The Sandhills area of North Carolina is undergoing tremendous growth.  With growth comes dilemmas, whether related to lack of water, loss of habitat for animals and birds, destruction of native plants, erosion from hardscape and poor stormwater drainage, or the like.  Aware that the longleaf pine ecosystem is fragile and imperiled, Save Our Sandhills (SOS) met for the first time on May 14, 2007 for the purpose of:
EDUCATING on the longleaf pine ecosystem,
PROMOTING the balance of nature, and
GUARDING against environmental threats.

In June, 2008, Save Our Sandhills was incorporated in the State of North Carolina. In the fall of 2009, SOS was granted federal nonprofit status.


Save Our Sandhills is a grassroots organization which seeks to save and protect the Sandhills woods, streams, farmland, and wildlife for the benefit of our citizens and future generations. We are also seeking to save and protect those special features and qualities of our towns that make them such wonderful places to live, all of which will be accomplished in concert with other organizations.



Who We Are
How We Work News Room Speakers Activities Membership

Flowering Wiregrass

Contact Information

Joe McDonald

Vice President
Acting Treasurer

Robert Stolting

Ruth Stolting


Save Our Sandhills, Inc.
P.O. Box 893
Pinehurst, NC 28370-0893


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