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In order to keep abreast of what is happening in Moore County and to determine what issues need SOS’ attention, we have had members attend local conferences on behalf of SOS, including the following:


February 20 2016 – Sustainable Sandhills Clean Energy Summit, Fayetteville, NC
Bob and Ruth Stolting, Vice President and Secretary, respectively, attended to hear breaking news on the future of solar and third-party power generation in the state.  Rep. John Szoka (R) of North Carolina State House District 45 of Cumberland County delivered the keynote address. Numerous panel presentations were presented. Various exhibits were also on display.

July 16, 2015 – Chatham Conservation Partnership Meeting All About Pollinators, Pittsboro, NC
Bob and Ruth Stolting, SOS Vice President and Secretary, respectively, attended this conference.  Debbie Roos, Agricultural Agent, Chatham County Center of NC Cooperative Extension spoke on how to “Create a Pollinator Paradise.”  Dr. Harry LeGrand, Zoologist, NC Natural Heritage Program, spoke on “North Carolina’s Butterflies:  Diversity and Life History.”  Following the program, all adjourned to the Chatham Mills Pollinator Demonstration Garden for a field tour.

November 21, 2013 – Fracking Forum, Pinehurst, NC
Sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Moore County, officers of SOS attended.  Its panel featured James Robinson (RAFI-USA) to discuss “Landowners’ Mineral Rights and Leasing”; Ellie Kinnaird, former NC Senator to discuss “The Process of Energy Legislation”; Ted Feitshans, attorney/professor, to discuss “Compulsory Pooling and Hydraulic Gas Drilling”; and James Womack, MEC Commissioner, to discuss “Overview of NC Shale Deposits.”

September 19, 2013 – ‘Moore – Future Water’ Summit, Carthage, NC
Several officers attended this conference.  It covered Moore County water opportunities and challenges, water resource practices for developments and the golf industry, and what extension and the Soil and Water and Natural Resources Conservation Service could do to help.

October 18, 2012 – The Future of NC’s Water, Star, NC
SOS President Joe McDonald attended this all-day conference.  Featured were guest speakers Maude Barlow, a prominent voice in the global water justice movement; L. Hunter Lovins, a leader in helping companies and communities profit from more sustainable practices; Michael Shuman, an expert of community economics and the advantages of small-scale businesses in an era of globalization; and Paul Gallay, President of Riverkeeper, who is fighting for a cleaner Hudson and safer drinking water for over 9 million New Yorkers.

March 20, 2012 – NC DENR Conference, Sanford, NC
SOS President Joe McDonald attended this conference regarding the recently released DENR report, and made a statement to the press.                                                                                                                                       

August 22, 2011 – RAFI-USA conference in Pittsboro, NC regarding Fracking
Officers of SOS attended this RAFI (Rural Advancement Foundation International) meeting to hear Tom Murphy, Co-Director, Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research at Pennsylvania State University discuss aspects of fracking with members of North Carolina’s Cooperative Extension.

September 10, 2011 – Statewide Summit on Fracking through Clean Water for North Carolina
Officers and members of SOS attended to hear researchers from Duke University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the former mayor of Dish, Texas, and Pennsylvania landowners who have experienced fracking, among  others ,discuss all aspects of fracking and its potential impacts.

October 10, 2011 – NC DENR Conference at Sanford Agricultural Center, NC
SOS members attended this meeting of experts, legislators, and concerned citizens so that DENR could begin work evaluating the pros and cons of fracking.  Their report is due May 1, 2012.

August 26, 2010 – Green Growth Toolbox Workshop
SOS officers attended this workshop that was hosted by Sustainable Sandhills, the NC Sandhills Conservation Partnership, and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission at the Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve Auditorium. The purpose was to discuss nature-friendly ways of developing communities.

January 27 and 28, 2010 - Moore County Board of Commissioners Annual Retreat
Attended sessions of the retreat to keep up to date with local issues.

October 29, 2008 – Friends of Plant Conservation Foundation
SOS members attended the charter meeting of this organization, and SOS is now an associate member.  This organization, closely involved with the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services/Plant Industry Division, is intent on identifying and trying to save rare and endangered species of plants throughout North Carolina.

July 31, 2008 – BRAC Regional Task Force/Moore County Meeting
BRAC representatives discussed the impact on schools, transportation, and housing needs, among other issues.  Fort Bragg is trying to purchase land surrounding the perimeter of the base so that aggressive development does not hinder military training.  Robin Sage special operations training in Moore County and surrounding areas may also offer sales opportunities for environmentally unique tracts that could be of use for special military purposes.   These valuable natural resources would then remain open land not subject to development.

December 13, 2007 – Moore County’s Water Source Evaluation and Plan
Prepared by McGill Associates, this plan was further refined in early 2009.  Issues with regard to water from Robbins and the Deep River are still being discussed, as are interbasin transfer issues and the use of off-line reservoirs to serve as emergency reserves.

November 8, 2007 – Sustainable Sandhills Water Sources Conference
Numerous speakers across the state outlined issues with regard to sources of water, interbasin transfers, legal issues, etc.

September 20, 2007 – Moore Focus
This symposium included speakers discussing the issues that are shaping our county’s future, including schools, water, and development.

We welcome input from all local citizens regarding important issues taking place that we should be researching.  All responses will be acknowledged.   If you would like to provide input to Save Our Sandhills, please e-mail one of our officers listed to the right by clicking on the link shown in blue and underlined. Doing so will bring up your default e-mail editor.

You may also visit our new comments board here.

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